Too much content, not enough time

Software by Jeremy Kaplan. UX Design by Brandon Kaplan.

What is Firehose?

Firehose tracks all the content that seems interesting when you find it, but might not be worth reading right now. If you find yourself with dozens of opens tabs that you have to read before closing them, this might be what you need!

Named after the metaphor of the academic firehose, Firehose lets you admit that you'll never get to it all anyway, but maybe you'll get to it some of it someday.

How is this different from Pocket,, etc.?

The other services I found were more like shared bookmarks: focused around saving content that you already know is worth saving. Firehose tries to be a good experience for things that are probably interesting, but there's something preventing you from digesting it right away.

Firehose intentionally limits features like searching and sorting to nudge you into a triage-like flow. You'll always see the oldest content first so you can ask yourself, "Does this look interesting now?" If not, trash it! This is its second chance anyway. If it's actually interesting, you'll probably run into it again.

Firehose doesn't have any social or recommendation features (yet?). You have enough content to deal with already!

Does it work?

Yeah! I already find myself spending more time doing interesting things and less time managing sets of bookmarks. I also think I spend more time at "tabs zero".

It's still a rough experience, so I'm keeping signups closed for now. If you want to test an alpha-quality service (or help me build it), email me to get a login.